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After 20 years in banking, I did something pretty outside the box for a banker…I became the host of a European travel and food show.  Trading my briefcase for a suitcase, I followed my passion for travel and food to Europe, exploring the continent one bite at a time, advising my viewers on the dos and don’ts of traveling to Europe. 

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More importantly during this time, I became a business owner.  Sitting on the other side of the desk, now as owner of a production company, I was now responsible for overseeing every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing to managing expenses, a staff, driving strategy and growing the bottom line. 

As you know, it isn't easy. 

It was, however, extremely rewarding.  As a business owner, there were experiences had and lessons learned that I could never have experienced or understood had I not been on this side of the desk.

With the challenges of Covid-19 on travel, it was the right time for me to return to banking, to do what I have always done best...advise and guide, this time however, not on where to eat and what to eat, but rather on helping businesses create visibility into their financial performance and strategies, helping companies "remove the blind spots" and "connect the dots" to new opportunities and outcomes.  This is something that I've always done, and now through the lens of a business owner.

And as a business owner, creating visibility into operations is key, and the impact that has on cash flow is critical.  Your banking and your banker play a pivotal role in achieving that visibility, and ultimately, in maximizing your return.  From driving revenue and reducing expenses, to streamlining operations, improving risk management, and leveraging new technologies...choosing the right partner is everything

And that's because there is a difference between a partner and a provider, between a relationship and a transaction...

...and my ask is to let me show you.


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